We believe in using the power of Visa’s network as a force for good, which is why we have created #WhereYouShopMatters, an initiative encouraging all people around the world to think about the positive impact their shopping can have on local communities.



Local small businesses are the heart of our economy and the pulse of our local communities. Even though they’ve been through a difficult time, they never gave up. Through their creativity, resourcefulness and resilience, they’ve kept on going, adapted and inspired us all. Now they need our support. Visa is supporting small businesses to find new ways to do what they do best, now and in the future. Georgian local shops and services are finding creative ways to keep serving the communities that rely on them. They’re going to extraordinary lengths to stay open. They’re counting on us to get behind them. They’re asking you to remember that where you shop matters.

Superheroes for local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic

We would like to introduce participants of #აირჩიეთქართული campaign initiated by Visa, that was aimed to support local small and medium business.